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Andy Jenner - 
Professional Wildlife & Nature Photographer

Nature Photography

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Andy Jenner is a Nature Photographer from the UK, who now lives in Central France.


As a lover of nature, Andy concentrates on appreciating his local area, where he documents the beautiful rural landscape and its rich variety of wildlife through Nature Photography. He loves to encourage people to get to know and care for the nature on their doorstep because he knows that all large oak trees grow from small acorns.


Through his Nature Photography, Andy aims to bring awareness of the magic of nature into people’s homes and hearts. He likes his photographs to be as authentic as possible, without excessive processing. Click on the links below to view a large selection of his images, available to buy on stock image websites:

Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a download of one of the images in the Portfolio.

Andy began his photography journey later in life, having already had two careers - first in the British Army and then building his own successful business as a plumbing and heating engineer, which he owned for 18 years. After developing Arthritis in one knee, a specialist doctor advised that a complete lifestyle change was necessary in order to avoid further pain and damage. At this point, Andy chose to follow his heart and return to his love of nature. Starting out as a UK Landscape Photographer, Andy soon focused on becoming a Professional Wildlife Photographer, which quickly broadened into Nature Photography as he explored the natural environment in his local area. Andy has a particular love of birds that began early in his life.


Andy’s love of France also began early in life, when on family holidays. Later, he began to visit again and was enchanted by the stunning landscapes, diversity of wildlife and sense of freedom. Eventually, he made the life-changing decision to relocate, for the many opportunities he would have as a photographer and as a person.


Andy is currently working on several exciting projects. He purchased some land on which he has built an observation hide that is perfectly suited for the needs of Nature Photography. He is optimising the surrounding area for attracting a variety of wildlife by including a small pond and encouraging the growth of indigenous plants. The hide is available for use by other photographers, nature enthusiasts and local school children. Being a relative newcomer to the area, Andy is studying the local wildlife in order to provide helpful information for anyone who might be interested.


Andy passionately believes in the power of nature to heal and restore. Through his own stories, he demonstrates that we can create resilience, navigate through personal challenges and transform our lives by re-connecting to the natural world and embracing the wisdom it has to offer.

Andy is very interested in the correlation between nature and positive mental health. He has a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree from The Open University, for which he studied Environment and Psychology. He also has a Mental Health First Aid Certificate.


Being very aware of the challenges to mental health presented by modern life - such as the climate crisis, the pandemic and the rising cost of living - Andy is currently developing a Wellness Coaching and Mentoring Service. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


Andy loves to help others by sharing what he has learned along the way. Aside from his academic achievements, Andy’s life experience has involved many transitions and personal challenges, which most recently included relocating to France - during the pandemic and without being fluent in the language. Whether you need photography tips, dream of becoming a famous wildlife photographer or simply wish to create a life filled with joy and well-being, Andy will be delighted to support you in finding your path to restoring a ‘natural’ life.

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